New Dimensions is now enrolling for the upcoming VPK school year!

We are your VPK provider. After signing up with the ELC of Duval, bring your certificate to us and we will register you for our school year.

How to get the VPK certificate? Go to…www.VPKDuval.org OR The Early Learning Coalition of Duval (904)-208-2044

  • Administrative Office: Ph: 208-2044 Office Hours Mon-Thurs: 7:00a-6:00p Friday: Closed

What is Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)?

  • A constitutional amendment passed by Florida’s voters in November 2002 requires a voluntary prekindergarten program for all four-year-old children by fall 2005. The program is designed to prepare four-year-old children for kindergarten and build the foundations for their educational success and is provided at no cost to the parent. This program is voluntary for children and providers.


VPK Child Registration is now open!

  • Eligible children must reside in Florida and be 4 by Sept. 1.

  • Sign up for VPK between January 15th and August 1st

  • Go to www.VPKDuval.org to register *Only parents or legal guardians may register a child for VPK


  • Access to the internet and a scanner(to apply online) Shot records cannot be accepted.

  • Your child's Social Security number

  • One proof of current Florida residency (county doesn’t matter): driver's license, utility bill, or paystub

  • One proof of age: birth certificate, passport, or military ID


  • Set up a working email address

  • Log on to www.VPKDuval.org to complete the online VPK application

  • Separately scan & submit supporting documents in PDF format: 1. Current proof of Florida residency (see above), 2. Current proof of child's age (see above)

  • Once the application and documentation is reviewed, a certificate will then be emailed to families once completely processed



"I love NDLC. I found them through the amazing Success By Six program. My son's teacher is more then just a teacher, she is a friend and someone that Caleb and I both love and depend on at all times! The staff there is always super friendly and they always say "Hi" when you walk in...They know your name and that is so comforting, especially when you leave your child there for the majority of week. I love this center and would recommend it to anyone!!!!!!  Thank you all for everything you have done and will continue to do!"       --Erin & Caleb F.

"New Dimensions Learning Center is a diamond in the rough without the rough. My son started at NDLC just after turning two years old and within one week he was potty trained. My son is five now and has just started kindergarten. The best part about NDLC is the way they prepared my son through their VPK program to succeed in the first 20 days of elementary school. My son scored in the top 94% on a test that assesses the overall effectiveness of previous education prior to kindergarten. One use of this test is to evaluate preschools and determine funding streams from the state back to the preschools. I attribute this success to the way this school invest in the student by maintaining a small classroom (8 to 10 students), educated degreed teachers and healthy food. With a max of 85 students school wide my child received individualized attention which increased his ability to excel in reading and math. In kindergarten my son has to learn 10 new words a day as homework. Out of 26 word lists my son is already on list 13 and is reading beginning books to me. My son is not "Gifted" in school, but his exposure to an outstanding school makes his performance in kindergarten shine as such. Thanks to NDLC my son is ahead of the educational curve. If you have questions and want to speak to me about why your child will excel at NDLC, please feel free to call me." -Sincerely, Heather Johnston, 904-613-5958


Great School!  Great Office Staff!  Terrific Teachers!!!  My daughter was well cared for during her 3 year tenure at NDLC.  I only wish the school taught through high school!  The teachers at the school were equally concerned with my daughter's academic advancement as they were with her overall well-being.  She always received hugs when she needed them most (always at morning drop-offs!).

This is likely Jacksonville's premier child care and pre-school facility.  The leadership at that institution is truly committed to excellence.  I recommend that any parent looking for a place for their child should check out this wonderful place.