Dear Families,                                                                                                                                             

As the new school year approaches, we want to say we are so happy to have you here! We are thrilled to have another year to be part of your family and help grow, nurture and educate your precious treasures!!


First Day of the School Year- Upon arrival in August on the first day of the new school year, please check in with the office so that we may finalize your student file and direct you to your child’s classroom.

4 year olds in our VPK Program require a formal registration at Our deadline for the online VPK registration is August 1st. Submit ELC’s yellow copy of your registration, NDLC’s VPK Attendance Policy and NDLC’s Enrollment Agreement to the NDLC office. The full day wrap-around program starts after 6:30 am, no later than 9 am. Your child may enjoy our program until 6 pm daily (pick up anytime between 12 and 6pm), and on all days that NDLC is open.  There is an additional tuition to cover these hours: paid monthly, semimonthly, weekly, or biweekly. The free part-time program arrives 8:45 - 9 am and must be picked up by 12. FREE VPK is only provided free on Duval County school days as well as 1 extra day in February. Please review the Duval County school schedule and NDLC’s VPK attendance policy for further details.

Our VPK Curriculum follows the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four Years Old to Kindergarten.

Open House for the 3/4 year olds & VPK is the Thursday before the first day of VPK at 6 pm. We would really love to see you there! This night of fun information is for our families to have dinner in their child’s classroom and hear the important, exciting educational goals and methods that will be implemented throughout the next school year. Extracurricular vendors will also give you information on the onsite, extracurricular programs that will be offered in the fall or spring semesters. Review your daily board each day and sign your weekly report once a week outside your child’s classroom door.

The annual materials fee of $45 is due before September 1st for each child. This fee is for the classrooms’ replacement of craft supplies, class items, books, and other educational supplies all year-long. Any other school supplies are completely optional. Teachers may request donations but NDLC does not require parent purchases of supplies/craft materials. We are closed on Labor Day in September.

Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meetings are from 5-6 pm at NDLC each month. Parents at this meeting will be planning fundraisers and preferred school improvement goals for this school year. All Parents/Family members of enrolled children are invited! Particularly the Homeroom parents of each class come and speak on the behalf of their classroom families. If you would like to volunteer, sponsor an event or be a homeroom parent please let us know!

Once again, thank you for entrusting your child in our care. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (904) 739-1062 or email your Directors: Ms. Kenyatta at or Ms. Lillian at or Ms. Jenna at .