News from the Parent & Family Advisory Board (PAB)

Hello NDLC Parents!  The PAB is made up of volunteers to be "homeroom parents" for the classrooms.  As a homeroom parent, you represent the classroom parents’ and teachers’ needs in the monthly Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meeting. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. We are recruiting homeroom parents for our new school year! If you would like to be a part of our PAB – Parent advisory board, please send an email to to be added to our email list for updates regarding the school year. All parents are welcome to attend. We are currently still looking for some homeroom parents and would love input on the new school year’s fundraisers, activities and goals. We hope to see many new faces as we continue planning for all of the events for the school year. If you are interested in joining our board please see the front office for details. We have a couple of PAB sponsored events each year; such as a Pump-it Spirit Night. This will be great fun for the kids and we hope to see all of you there! We also plan to have a Chick-fil-A spirit night again, more details to come. If you are interested in learning more about the PAB and how it impacts you, we will be presenting some information in the Open House meetings in June and August. We wanted to thank all of the parents for making last year such a success and we hope to duplicate that again this year! * Detailed information is in the office*

Come join us for our next Parent Advisory Board (PAB) meeting. The meetings are from 5-6 pm at NDLC each month. Parents at this meeting will be planning fundraisers and preferred school improvement goals for this school year. All Parents/Family members of enrolled children are invited! Particularly the Homeroom parents of each class come and speak on the behalf of their classroom families. If you would like to volunteer, sponsor an event or be a homeroom parent please let us know!

Parent Conferences & Workshops:

6 Week Family Conferences - Sign-up in the office. 

See the Annual Family Calendar on the Monthly Newsletter for the complete list of all workshops and family events. Childcare and pizza is provided for enrolled children during workshops.

Teacher of the Quarter

Sponsored by the PAB. Click for form.

When a teacher or staff does something that exceeds your expectations you can reward them with an Appreciation Buck. Just fill out the Teacher’s name and give a description of what the teacher did for your child! You can vote anytime you wish and also vote for multiple teachers! We will have a permanent box in the front office where you can insert the bucks. Each quarter we will do a drawing to see who will win a $50 dollar gift certificate and bragging rights for the next quarter! So make sure you turn your bucks in for the teachers! The votes will roll over every quarter so your teacher has a new chance to win every three months!


Teacher Appreciation

Sponsored by the PAB

In May Each Year, We will have apples on an Apple Tree in the foyer with a teacher's name, a gift card Type and amount.


You don’t have to pick your teacher’s apple! Pick any apple on the tree. Please recognize either a substitute teacher or support staff member at NDLC.  It takes everyone to make the school run smoothly and take such great care of our children. We will be collecting all gift cards in the office on May 1st and we will be present them to the teachers on the last day of teacher appreciation week.

Homeroom Sponsors:

We are in need of Homeroom parents for the next school year. 

Infants- Room #R1
Ones A- Room #R2
Ones B- Room #L4
Twos- Room #R5
Jr. VPK A- Room #L1
Jr. VPK B- Room #L2
VPK A-Room #R2
VPK B- Room #R3                            
VPK C- Room #R4

Thank you for all your efforts!
The PAB and PAB President